Baby Pac-Man 



Astro Blaster


MAME Cabinet Firepower Pin

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Data-East Hook

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WMS Johnny Mnemonic  

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I started collecting again in March of 2002.  My first was a Gremlin/Sega “Astro Blaster”, the second is a Bally “Baby Pac-Man”.  The third machine has been converted to a MAME cabinet, which was originally a Williams “Smash TV”. Since then, I have done several pinball machines, and will likely focus on those.

I’ll try to show you what is involved in making these games live again, as well as my experiences in techniques that worked best.

10/20/07 - I now host these pages at!!!  Sorry, there has been few updates; I have a few months to go until I graduate, and I'm pretty busy with my time... (see My Hub page).  I plan on hosting some resource files soon.

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask via: e-mail. (you may have to respond to an anti-spam e-mail for me to get the message!!)