Astro Blaster

This was my first machine to "restore".  I drove all the way from Houston, TX to Birmingham, AL to pick it up.

It is the rare white plywood "Convert-a-cab" and even rarer teal color scheme.  The regular, more common type is the particle board cabinet with woodgrain vinyl, and dark blue color scheme.  When I picked it up, it was in pieces, and had wasp nest remnants in the nooks and crannies, as well as some water damage to the cab top.

The monitor bezel was warped from the water damage, but in otherwise good shape.  This was fixed by cutting a piece of thin pressboard (the kind used on the backs of cheap furniture) about the size of the inside of the cab, minus a hole for the monitor face.  A bit of Elmer's glue and some weight placed on the sandwiched bezel and pressboard made it lay flat as a pancake.

This cab is in great shape, with the exception of the control panel overlay, which for it being 22+ years old, is pretty typical, with the corner bends having cracks and such.  So there is a bit missing as can be seen in the pictures.

All the PC boards that came with the unit required some kind of servicing - The CPU cards were pretty much dead, the sound cards had one sound or another missing, one of the Voice Synthesizers had a summing amp that was out.

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